Testimonials from Halloween 2008

Nobody does this anymore! This is sooo cool!

-Some Parent Lady, Esq.

*rustle* *rustle*

-Vach "Ghillie" Zach


-People Who Noticed Vach, mostly..........mostly

I'm not scared of you. You aren't scary.

-Some Stuck Up Little Girls Who is Probably Adopted and on Qualudes.

Can I smear more blood on that?

-Des "Escaped Mental Patient" Zombie

I would have given my left nut to be there, but I can never find anything in Christine's purse.

-Boz "Whore-Weedle" Boze-man

I am become TRAUMA, the destroyer of childhood bliss. With my instruments of intimidation I reave hope and hapiness as the sythe hews souls.

-Appie "Ap" Hiroshima


-Cryst "Bug Lady" Allina

We are an ultra-cohesive elite tactical specia....um.........wait........how come Ap's Mag Light is bigger than mine?

-Mike "Compensation Shotgun" eee

I have developed a perfectly refined layout to lure those little bastards in for maximum emotional scarring.

-Fees "Come closer" Nabasdageeg

*groan* haaaaaaaapppppppyy haaaaaaaaaaalllllooooooooooowwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeennnn *groan*!!

-Brain "Is that snake real?" Zombie

[upon noticing Vach] "Holy Shit!" [upon noticing Brian] "Mother Fucker!"

-Some Eloquent 10 Year Old Boy (yes...10)

[The following is meerely a description of, probably, the highlight of the evening.]

A group of 4 was making it's way timidly back from the front door with candy in hand. They had seen all the decorations/attractions so far (or so they thought) and were about to pass back by the elite, awesome looking, tactical guards to their freedom. The group consisted of two middle aged mothers, one 7 year old boy, and one infant (being carried). The mother carrying the infant also had a cup of hot cider. As the group neared the corner where Vach was perfectly camouflaged against the ivy, the tactical group detained them. In rehearsed expertise, the small squad herded the group near the ghillie-monster, then hushed them up on pretense of hearing a noise. On que, Vach suddenly rustled out at them. Both moms screamed, and the closest mom made a primal-fear-lunge away from the monster, trampling her son to the ground and slattering her companion with hot cider. She did not slow down and continued her escape flight around the troops and down the driveway. The kid picked up his strewn candy with at "wtf" look on his face and hustled after, as the other lady continued intermittant creaming and wiping after them. 10 steps down the drive, they slowed to complain/praise us for the fright when Brian (who had been death-still in a ditch, and forgotten/overlooked) lunged out with his fake, bloody, arrow pierced hand moaning "Happy Halloween" in a grave-creepy voice. Another torrent of screems and flight sent that goup, simalr to most others, on their way back into the night.

-Mike "Narrator" eee

I am possibly a Nigerian countess. Additionally, my mission invlolves making sweet sweet love to all.

-Kai "Sir Not Appearing in this Film" Canuck